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‘a field guide to genetic programming (2008).pdf’
‘ant colony optimization (2004).pdf’
‘artificial general intelligence (2007).pdf’
‘artificial intelligence – a modern approach (3rd, 2009).pdf’
‘Artificial Intelligence for Big’
‘artificial intelligence for games (2nd, 2009).pdf’
‘artificial intelligence (luger, 6th, 2008).pdf’
‘bio-inspired artificial intelligence (2008).pdf’
‘Building Smart Drones with ESP8266 and Arduino.pdf’
‘Deep Learning with Python – A Hands-on Introduction.pdf’
‘evolving connectionist systems – the knowledge engineering approach (2007).pdf’
‘introduction to evolutionary computing (2003).pdf’
‘knowledge representation and reasoning (2004).pdf’
‘prediction, learning, and games (2006).pdf’
‘Python for Probability, Statistics, and Machine’
‘reinforcement learning – an introduction (1998).pdf’
‘swarm intelligence (2001).pdf’
‘the art of artificial evolution – a handbook on evolutionary art and music (2007).pdf’
‘the quest for AI – a history of ideas and achievements (2010).pdf’
‘universal artificial intelligence (2005).pdf’