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Bilderberg: The Order of the Final Solution

Bilderberg… An annual meeting of a group called by the same name, after their meeting place: a hotel in Germany.

These selected members are chosen annually from the world’s top elite politicians, reporters, bankers, scientists, mathematicians, botanist, philosophers and others. Keeping the number of attendees to around 150, the hand picked and chosen people meet in secrecy to discuss, plan and execute the final solution for humanity. Just as they were the original meeting to decide the final solution of the holocaust during WWII, so they continue to this day, without borders, without laws, without challenge.

We have collected and will continue to collect documents on these individuals who are deemed superior to the rest. We have written about them, their history, and the bloodline who controls them in EL: The Bloodlines, which you can read, download and share for free. Below are links to the collected documents. Enjoy!

Bilderberg Documents

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