Weapons and Wiretaps
This archive uncovers secret and not-so-secret weapons and technologies used to dispose of your freedoms and human rights. For those
Survival and Healthy Living
Survival Tips, Healthy Living, and Prepper Guides! You’re one stop to get the information needed to live free and independent!
Spiritual Archives
We hope you enjoy this library of Christian Documents. https://mega.nz/#F!a7ZEVQoK!Rc2IlFb8CwONdEY2xbq6Wg Table of Contents: ‘A Guide for the Perplexed.pdf’ ‘Apocrypha and
Soros Foundation
George Soros Foundation Data Archive, Enjoy! https://mega.nz/#!GjAmGY4b!UFDdtKYVGnrq9389poJc9FQKb2QKXkCfYF4yZCVrX2Q
Raspberry Pi
All the info you need to begin or continue your Raspberry Pi dreams. https://mega.nz/#F!erI2RIBQ!Qbk3meKEMaJKywsoxRye2Q Contents: ‘200 Ways to Revive a
Political Papers
  Among the things you will find in this Archive: USA Government files, State Affairs, Laws, Orders and Regulations, Classified,
Hope you enjoy our pile of MySQL and PHP books from guides to expert tips! https://mega.nz/#F!yqI01YDQ!Tc7M4ZOffdl6VKeEHtKI_g Contents: ‘Beginning PHP And
MKUltra Archives
A plethora of documents on MKUltra. This operation is far from ended, and runs strong through every “First World” country.
Guccifer Files II
We are honored to have been able to save Guccifer’s leaks, in order to redistribute them to you! Enjoy this
Guccifer Files I
Before there was the Government Agent portraying himself as Guccifer2.0, there was a real hacker/leaker who went by the name