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Guccifer Files III

As we continue to put out Guccifer’s leaks, here is a HUGE batch of documents, pictures, and more! Table of Contents Include: ‘Earth Force Community Map.pdf’ ‘Earth Force Six Step Process One Pager.pdf’ LebanonMemoExum.doc LebanonPaper.docx lebanonpiece111107b.doc Legacy_Brief_111121.pdf Legal ‘Legal References.doc’ ‘Legea Capitalei corectata varianta 9 (2).docx’ ‘Letter to the Editor.doc’ ‘Leverage 30MAR10.docx’ LFLYNT_AD_110412 Liban.pps […]

Mind Kontrol & Politics


The following documents include Business, Energy, Environment activities carried out by China and more. Enjoy! Table of Contents: Overview of Telecom Industry Used Equipment Services Commerical Guide Aviation Energy Updates Climate Survey China searches for US partners and MORE!!!


Weapons and Wiretaps

This archive uncovers secret and not-so-secret weapons and technologies used to dispose of your freedoms and human rights. For those of you interested in Agenda 21, this will surely perk up your ears. Enjoy!!JKQ32SAI!Ceb8JGGPxi6JV-fCHJrvoiPTSE5oB5VV1xd1rOhhRj4

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Spiritual Archives

We hope you enjoy this library of Christian Documents.!a7ZEVQoK!Rc2IlFb8CwONdEY2xbq6Wg Table of Contents: ‘A Guide for the Perplexed.pdf’ ‘Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha.pdf’ ‘APOCRYPHA ARABICA.pdf’ “Apostles’ Creed.pdf” ‘Assorted Sermons of Martin Luther.pdf’ ‘Athanasian Creed.pdf’ BeastKingdomNotes.pdf Book-of-Ezekiel.pdf ‘Book of Jasher.pdf’ book-of-the-cave-of-treasures.pdf ‘Call to the Unconverted to Turn and Live.pdf’ Complete-DeadSeaScrolls.pdf ‘confutatio pontificia.pdf’ danielnotes.pdf ‘De Servo Arbitrio-The Bondage of […]


Raspberry Pi

All the info you need to begin or continue your Raspberry Pi dreams.!erI2RIBQ!Qbk3meKEMaJKywsoxRye2Q Contents: ‘200 Ways to Revive a Hard Drive pdf.pdf’ ‘A Hands-On Course in Sensors Using.pdf’ ‘Custom Raspberry Pi Interfaces.pdf’ ‘Hacking Electronics Learning Electronics with Arduino and Raspberry Pi.pdf’ ‘Hacking Raspberry Pi.epub’ ‘Hello Raspberry Pi Python programming for kids and other beginners.pdf’ […]

Mind Kontrol & Politics

Political Papers

  Among the things you will find in this Archive: USA Government files, State Affairs, Laws, Orders and Regulations, Classified, and deClassified files, as well as United Nations documents, and other Fun Shit.!V5VQxaqT!YV5WricutPI0eIXAHqmIiElVN_5OzXZr3Rt5QR_kVcQ  



Hope you enjoy our pile of MySQL and PHP books from guides to expert tips!!yqI01YDQ!Tc7M4ZOffdl6VKeEHtKI_g Contents: ‘Beginning PHP And MySQL E Commerce 2nd Edition.pdf’ ‘Beginning PHP And MySQL From Novice To Professional 4th Edition.pdf’ ‘Database Driven Website Using PHP And MySQL.pdf’ ‘Expert PHP and MySQL’ ‘Expert PHP And MySQL.pdf’ ‘High Availability MySQL Cookbook Over […]

Mind Kontrol & Politics

MKUltra Archives

A plethora of documents on MKUltra. This operation is far from ended, and runs strong through every “First World” country. Enjoy!!eqYgRY7a!FE92qnGoi8lDsQWNTiaROA Contents: 09-F-1583DOC1RELEASE.pdf 95mkultra.pdf a382535.pdf’ ‘Bloody Wednesday – The Day of the Conspirators in Oklahoma City by Ted Gunderson-27.pdf’ Cause-of-World-Unrest-274.pdf ‘Chip-Tatum-s-CIPA-Trial Documents-Briefing-25.pdf’ ‘CIA Finders File by Ted Gunderson-90.pdf’ ‘Corruption_ Satanic Drug Cult Network […]